Monastery of Panagia Eleousa

That small monastery was builτ in the 9th century in the place where an icon of Virgin Marry (Panagia in greek) was found.
Its is hidden in a forested canyon just a few hungred meters from the sea.It was used as a refugee for greek rebels during the Ottoman rule of Greece and played an important role in the greek revolution of 1821.
The monastery is surrounded by a protecting outer wall and inside still stands a medieval tower.

Monastery of Kremasti

Monastery of Kremasty is located a few kilometers away from Katakolo and  near Olympia.
The nunnery is built in the place where a miracle icon of Panagia (Virgin Mary) was found around 800 years ago.

The church of the monastery in builded inside a cave.

The monastery itself is attached in a vertical rock and it looks like its hanging from the cliff. It’ s an impressive view to see.

It’ s a famous pilgrim destination in Ileia and the Peloponnese. From the balconies of Kremasti a visitor can enjoy limitless viewalmost to the forest of Foloi and the Erymantus river canyon.