Olympian Land Winery

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Olympian land Winery is a 150 years old estate that started its presence with the cultivation of raising and white grappes and today is producing small quantities of quality wines.

By visiting the winery you can take a tour to the vineyards, visit the cellar and the wine producing facility and at the end taste the products and local foods.

The tour is aiming to give a deeper look to the cultivation of grappes and is showing the whole path of the grappes from the vineyard in the beggining to the glass as wine at the end.

Wine tasting includes two bottles of Olympia Land White and Red with sidedishes including greek feta, salami, bred with olive oil and moustokouloura (cookies made with grappe sirop).
The tour inside the Olympian land winery lasts 1h and 30min.